Welcome to fujiPod!A place to learn Japanese in a fun way.Learning Japanese has never been easier. With tools like a dictionary, customized audio study streams and much more, everyone can learn Japanese in a fun and easy way.

Learn by listening

tailored for your skill level


Listen to study streams and learn Japanese while jogging, cooking or during your hobbies.

Content is dynamically generated and tailored to your skill level and vocabulary. Stream options let you further customize what you hear, so you can decide what is important for you.

There are lots of streams that allow you to learn new words, practice words and even streams covering specific topics. We are trying to add new content all the time, so check back often!

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Search for anything

a smart dictionary for words, kanji and more

Find words easily, by searching in Japanese or English. You can even search for words in a sentence. Explore word meanings, included kanji, listen native pronunciation and more.

Browse through thousands of kanji and learn the stroke order, you can even get a PDF for real life practice.

Learn how to use words by checking thousands of sentences, listening to them and easily jumping to individual words.

Practice makes perfect

repeat fun exercises every day

What does__mean?

It's easy to forget things we learned recently, so practicing often is important. Practice through quizzes and study streams, all content is custom made for you based on words and sentences you are currently studying.

Smart algorithms make sure you don't repeat a specific word too much by tracking your study progress.

Learn with others

we keep each other motivated

See the study progress of your friends, study the same words to keep up and join communities of other learners.

Learning a language is a difficulty journey, so let's do it together to reach or goal!

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jake learned the word がくせい
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