About fujiPod

The goal of the fujiPod project is to provide a single platform that makes it easy and fun to study Japanese with interactive content controlled by modern algorithms.

Everyone is different, so we aim to provide an efficient way of studying for everyone with features like:

  • a smart dictionary with words, kanji, sentences and lessons
  • dynamically generated audio study streams, tailored to your level and vocabulary
  • study lists to save and share and organize dictionary entries
  • a quiz with spaced repetition and questions dynamically generated for you
  • social features to study together with others and encourage each other

We are actively improving features, adding content and thinking about new ways to make studying Japanese fun. Join today and start your journey to the top.

For details about how we handle your data, please check the privacy policy.

External projects

We are very thankful for all the awesome projects out there that provided the data and tools to make this project possible.

By supporting related projects monetarily, with code contributions and otherwise fujiPod and many other study tools benefit immensely so please check them out if you’re interested.


Japanese word dictionary database by Jim Breen/EDRDG. It includes meanings in English and various other languages as well as additional information such as part-of-speech classification, additional notes and much more.


A kanji database by Jim Breen/EDRDG. It includes various information like readings, meanings and references to common dictionaries.


Radical information and reverse lookup by Jim Breen/EDRDG. This adds radical information for kanji.


Kanji stroke order SVG diagrams by Ulrich Apel and other contributors. This allows us to visualize the order of strokes for each kanji.


For parsing japanese sentences and obtaining the part of speech information.


Jisho was a big inspiration when developing the dictionary related parts of the application. It is a powerful Japanese-English dictionary that lets you find words, kanji, example sentences and more quickly and easily.


Word pitch accent data for many words, displayed on word details pages.

Join our Discord channel or send an email to [email protected] if you have any questions, suggestions or if there’s anything else you want us to know.
Feedback helps us improve and add new features, so join the community and join us on the journey to the top!